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Rust LFG – Are you looking for group in Rust? We are a Discord Server that helps you find groups to play with. Over 13K+ members joined!

Our LFG Discord is available for all platforms PC,Playstation,Xbox and console crossplay.

Find a Rust group/clan. is the simplest way to group up for Rust. Quickly find a Rust group/clan or take a minute to add your Rust group/clan for free to gain new members! is a website that lists all Rust Servers you can vote on your favorite server or simply check which servers have been wiped.

Learn more about Rust Servers website here: About Us

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Rust LFG Community Features

A Discord community with over 13K+ members to find new Rust playes to play with

Find groups on our custom build website allows you to post your own Discord server

Profiles & Reputation systems to find legit players to team up with. All build in our platform.

Console ready platform, easily switch between Xbox Playstation PC

You can play with people from your own country by filtering languages.

Applications can be posted on your group page.

Unique group page & own url to post to your friends

Use tags to show what type of group your group is.

Post your list of requirements to match your group members

If your group is full you can close applications

Find a group on Rust Groups today!

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Rust Groups & Counting is a website/community that helps players of the game called Rust find other players to play with (within the gaming community also known as a ‘looking for group’ or ‘LFG’ community)

Rust LFG is one of the largest Rust Discord server for finding groups. Our Discord server was established December 2020 and is by far one off the most used LFG community for Rust. Over 13.000 members have joined our LFG Community and we are growing by the day.

Our Server is designed to fit everyone needs, you can chat with people that play on PC but also on Playstation or Xbox. This makes our Discord the perfect fit for any player. New player, veteran players

About Rust

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Rust Tips

Are looking for Rust tips and need help with the game mechanics?          Rust Tips is a website that has useful tips.

✅Rust Tips is a recommended website by Rust LFG

Rust is a survival game that has been around for years, and its still going strong. Its one of the most popular games in the genre, and its easy to see why. Its a game where you start with nothing—no clothes, no weapons, no food—and must hunt animals and craft your way into success. If youre lucky enough to get some good loot from an air-drop box or helicopter crash, then youll be well on your way to building a base, gathering resources and becoming self-sustaining.

But Rust is also very much PvP: many players are looking for an excuse to kill other players, so its not uncommon for someone who has just started playing to come across someone else who has spent months or even years playing and becomes instantly hostile towards them! This can lead to some intense moments of combat where there are multiple people fighting over scraps of wood and metal in order to build up their own bases or simply steal from others.

Its not all bad news though; there are plenty of friendly players out there who will help out newbies if they see them struggling with basic tasks like finding food or crafting tools. This means that despite the fact that Rust can be quite harsh at times, there are always people that have the good intentions of helping new Rust players. Rust Players usually play in group

Where can i purchase Rust?

Purchase Rust for PC here 

Purchase Rust for Playstation here

Purchase Rust for Xbox here 

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