Rust LFG

Rust LFG – Are you looking for group in Rust? We are a Discord Server that helps you find groups to play with. Over 12K+ members joined!

Our LFG Discord is available for all platforms PC,Playstation,Xbox and console crossplay.

Find a Rust group/clan. is the simplest way to group up for Rust. Quickly find a Rust group/clan or take a minute to add your Rust group/clan for free to gain new members! is a website that lists all Rust Servers you can vote on your favorite server or simply check which servers have been wiped. is the best Rust Toplist for finding servers or listing.

Rust LFG Community Features

A Discord community with over 12K+ members to find new Rust playes to play with

Find groups on our custom build website allows you to post your own Discord server

Profiles & Reputation systems to find legit players to team up with. All build in our platform.

Console ready platform, easily switch between Xbox Playstation PC

You can play with people from your own country by filtering languages.

Applications can be posted on your group page.

Unique group page & own url to post to your friends

Use tags to show what type off group your group is.

Post your list off requirements to match your group members

If your group is full you can close applications

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Rust Groups & Counting is a website/community that helps players of the game called Rust find other players to play with (within the gaming community also known as a ‘looking for group’ or ‘LFG’ community).

Rust is a hugely popular survival game which came out in 2013. It is an online game where up to 500 players are all tasked with surviving on the same deserted island. Many players try to improve their chances of survival by grouping up with others, and that is where comes in! We simply help people find fellow players to form groups with. To increase their chances of survival, but most importantly to increase the fun and to help people establish new friendships.

Rust LFG is one off the largest Rust Discord server for finding groups. Our Discord server was established December 2020 and is by far one off the most used LFG community for Rust. Over 10.000 members have joined our LFG Community and we are growing by the day.

Our Server is designed to fit everyone needs, you can chat with people that play on PC but also on Playstation or Xbox. This makes our Discord the perfect fit for any player. New player, veteran players.

With our easy layout its easy to find people to play with.