Questions & Answers

Is there a Rust LFG?
Yes, there is visit RustLFG.com to find your group through our Discord or advanced build community platform.
How do i find a rust group to play with?
There are channels for many popular official, community, and modded servers. Join the Discord for the server you play on and say, “Hello.” We also recommend scrolling up and direct messaging people who have previously said they are looking to group up.
Where do i find players on rust?
First while inside Rust, open up your steam overlay by pressing Shift+Tab. Now all you need to do is click “View Players” under “Friends” as seen below. And that’s all you need to do! Now you have access to everyone who’s online, send them steam messages, add them, play with them, do what you have to do.
What does LFG stand for in Rust?
Rust LFG / LFT / LFM / LFC – Looking for Group on RustGroups.com
How do you add a team on rust?
You must have the team leader role. In the game, walk up to the player you wish to invite. Then press the E button to invite.